While in Miami I was also on TV for the FIRST time. I know, I know. How have I reached this grand old age without some prior experience on television? Wasn’t I even filmed in the audience at a children’s show, like so many of my friends? No, sorry. Once the gig was booked, I realized I had no idea how to behave, what to say or what to wear! Thanks to Karen Derris, Judy Tschann, Redlands friends and Lisa Gottlieb (my hostess in Miami); I managed to dress myself adequately. My TV interviewer was Peter Slen. Before we began I asked him how many interviews he had conducted and he said “thousands.” I asked him how many suits he owned and he said “Fifteen.” Once the interview began I didn’t even have the time to look down at my notes. I forgot a few things and made up a few things, but managed to keep going even when I wasn’t exactly sure which camera to appeal to! Slen was reasonable and kept showing the book cover. There was just the mildest bit of red-baiting and a funny question or two (Was Jessica Mitford a spy?), but it was all very casual and courteous. I did my best to just keep going. We were outside under a tent, and if you watch the video you can see the book fair crowds (Slen called them “America”) passing by. He also pointed out that when I looked at one particular camera, that too was “America,” and I couldn’t help but think how Whitmanesque, it contained multitudes.  When it was finally over (45 minutes!) my Aunt Caroline assured me that I hadn’t made a complete ass of myself and I received a text from Ben Treuhaft, saying that he and Dinky had watched and thought it “C-Spantastic.”  Did I mention that I received a souvenir cup!

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