Here it is! The first issue of Miss Leslie’s Magazine since about 1846, and talk about a vanity publication! No, I’m not in it, but my friends are and I believe that means you (unless you’ve been banned or hidden from this page). Some of you are writers who I’ve known forever while some of you are exclusively one-dimensional Face-Book Friends I may never meet. Doesn’t matter! You’re artists, teachers, journalists, cooks, nurses, actors, electricians, taxi drivers, teachers, nieces, civil servants, musicians, interns, students, even lawyers. You all have one thing in common: I don’t remember your birthday.
But seriously, send me something for Miss Leslie’s Magazine.  
I’m asking all contributors to deliver complete and illustrated pieces already expertly edited. Does that make me a lazy editor, or just experimental? We shall see. In Miss Leslie’s Mag. nothing is absolute. Everything’s negotiable. Even the name, do you prefer Miss Leslie’s Gazette? I can’t decide.
When I get another three pieces ready-to-go I shall post. So send, send, send, my friends!
In our next issue: @Alisa Slaughter, a story from upcoming book, Bad Habitats, and something from you?

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