See the rally here:

If I had thought of the future video, I would have had my hair done.

And my speech:
Thank you students for asking me to come here to today to speak on the punishing suppression of your newspaper. I say suppression because I was on the former Bulldog Newspaper Committee, and I saw the way the shut down was handled peremptorily, brusquely, and without consultation with those of us on the sitting committee dedicated to the newspaper, who were willing and able to advise the paper, and without its expert advisor Erin Aubry Kaplan, who has been neglected, ignored and dismissed from these proceedings. I stand here to today to ask you to do one thing, and that is to QUESTION AUTHORITY. Yours is a student newspaper, but the news in it goes out to all of us in the campus community, so we are all joined together in this, as the subjects of the abusers of power on this campus. I ask you to QUESTION THE AUTHORITY when an elected official punishes the newspaper for a dissenting view! I ask you to QUESTION THE AUTHORITY of a University Student Life department which covers up one poor decision with further dirty tricks, a University Student Life department, shown to have moved out newspapers from their place of circulation to hide the information within them.

This is your student newspaper and the President and Senate you elected are now the OUTGOING officials. They have broken trust with you, they have acted in unjust ways. You can QUESTION THEIR AUTHORITY, and you can do more. You can censure elected officials if they abuse their power. QUESTION THEIR AUTHORITY and if it comes to that, You can Impeach them. You have the power if you only ask the questions.  No employee of student life has a job forever.  Are these employees of student life serving your interests best? Ask if the employees in Publicity and Marketing are printing the truth?  Ask about the lies and the cover ups and the dirty tricks that brought us to this place today. QUESTION AUTHORITY, my friends and then get busy campaigning for student senators and a student President who will clean up this mess and act with justice. And if you arrive at the place when you are in AUTHORITY, I beg you QUESTION YOURSELF. It is the case, as Martin Luther King says, and I repeat on the day after our national holiday, celebrating his achievements. “No Lie Lasts Forever.” 
Thank you. 

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