Decca Photos

Mitford family: The children flanked by Muv and Farve in 1922. Decca front row center, Unity to her left, and Debo to her right. Back row: Nancy and Tom. Center row: Diana and Pam.
Decca, age five: Ready to wait it out.
Debutante, eighteen years old.
Unity and Decca, circa 1930.
Unity, circa 1938.
The Mitford family in 1934. Clockwise from Farve, standing far right: Debo, Decca, Unity, Muv, Nancy, Diana, Tom, and Pam.
Decca and Esmond taking on New York, 1939 ---- The cartoon from Decca and Esmond’s first joint newspaper column, 1940: “Two Youthful Escapists Who Fled to America with a Song in Their Hearts.”
Esmond and Decca, early 1940, making cocktails in Miami at the Roma Italian restaurant.
Decca makes headlines July 1940.
Decca, circa 1942.
The Treuhaft family: Bob with mother Aranka, father Albin, and sister Edith, circa 1925.
In 1951, Decca campaigned for Willie McGee.
Dinky, Benjy, and Nicky riding the range, circa 1953.
Dinky, Nicky, and Benjy, Christmas 1952.
Decca’s first trip back to England. At Chatsworth the Devonshires’ estate, with Andrew, Debo, and Johnny the whippet, 1956.
In Bormes les Mimosas, 1959, with Benjy.
The Treuhafts on their porch: Bob, Decca, Benjy, and Dinky, circa 1960.
Inch Kenneth with Muv, 1962.
Back at Chatworth in 1962 with Debo and Johnny.
Nancy Mitford and Decca dressed for success.
Decca and Bob.
Bob’s campaign for district attorney against Frank Coakley, June 1966.
Ramparts ad: ANYBODY WANT TO BUY AN ISLAND? Benjy, boatman James McGillivray, and Philip Toynbee’s daughter Polly, on the motorboat from Mull.
From distinguished to extinguished professor, 1973. Decca’s button reads: MITFORD THUMBS HER TOES AT THE TRUSTEES.
Dinky’s wedding, 1980. Singing along with Virginia and Decca.
Benjy tuning a piano in Matanzas, Cuba, under a picture of Che.